So, without reading NBC News’ piece on President Trump targeting black election workers, we’re going to guess their source is either a “nonpartisan” Democratic strategist or some loony university professor somewhere.

OK, we’ve read the piece and we were half-right; NBC News used as its sources two loony university professors, not just one:

“What is going on, all these many unfortunate days after Election Day, is the counting of provisional absentee and mail-in ballots and those cast on Election Day, which by law are all supposed to be counted,” said Carol Anderson, during the recount. Anderson is a professor of African-American Studies at Emory University and author of the book “One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy.” “What you see Trump and Rick Scott and other Republicans doing here is counting on the power of racism to serve as fact. Racism serves to erase actual fact and to pollute reality.”

Let’s clean out the pollution and get straight to the reality: Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis won. And Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes finally resigned after this year’s midterm debacle there — must be racism.

Here’s some more straight-up reporting from NBC News:

Trump has simply borrowed from a playbook dating back to the period just after the Civil War, Anderson said, referring to a time when black voter involvement in elections began to be described as inherently likely to produce fraudulent outcomes. White Democrats, mostly in the South, often described black Americans as ill-suited to participate in democracy.

It’s a set of tactics and ideas that have been renewed with gusto. Since 2000, Republicans have embraced the same notions, claiming that voter ID and other measures which tend to restrict minority voter access must be in place to conduct secure elections.

“Which tend to restrict minority voter access” … prove it. You’re the reporters; prove that voter ID restricts minorities from voting.

By the way, we read the whole piece to learn the identities of these “other black election workers” Trump targeted, but the only name we found was Brenda Snipes. Huh. Was the election worker who misplaced more than 2,000 ballots black? Does it matter?