Will still have to give the screw-up of the day to Palm Beach County, where election workers reportedly jammed a paper clip into one of the ballot-scanning machines to keep it from going too fast, thereby short-circuiting it.

The day wasn’t going to pass without Broward County admitting to a screw-up, though, and NBC 6 in Miami reported Saturday that more than 2,000 ballots had been misplaced during the recount there.

NBC 6 reports:

[Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda] Snipes said the 2,040 ballots “are in the building” – referring to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office in Lauderhill.

The ballots were discovered missing after there was a discrepancy between the recount returns and the original unofficial returns. Snipes said some members of her team did not have as much training as others and possibly misplaced the ballots in the wrong tray during the machine recount.