As Twitchy reported, it was a bit awkward for Sen. Chuck Schumer to tweet about how proud he was to be working with Kyrsten Sinema in January, seeing as Sinema had promised during her campaign that she would not support Schumer for Senate minority leader.

Well, the vote has come and gone, and Schumer won back his position without objection, with Sinema explaining she might have voted for his challenger, if he had one.

The Arizona Republic reports:

Here is candidate Kyrsten Sinema in July, on Chuck Schumer’s future as Senate minority leader:

“I am not going to vote for him,” she flatly told Politco.

Well, here is Sinema on Wednesday, shortly after Schumer was re-elected Senate minority leader by acclamation. Nobody objected.

“Had there been a challenger for minority leader, I would have considered new leadership and a fresh perspective,” she said, in a statement. “I will continue to put Arizona over party.”

Not a great start, senator.

If there’s one thing the Democrats do well, it’s marching in lockstep.


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