Even big-screen witch Bette Midler couldn’t work up as much as a “Happy Halloween” yesterday because you-know-who is still in the Oval Office. But that didn’t stop millions of, shall we say, normal people from enjoying the holiday, though a few couldn’t help but politicize it. (Word was there were quite a few little Ruth Bader Ginsburgs running around trick-or-treating.)

Our thanks to Breitbart’s Joel Pollak for posting this photo of perhaps the most woke display we saw come through our Twitter feeds. Yeah, it’s ultra-progressive, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

There’s a wall, but we’re pretty sure it’s coming down rather than going up. There’s a skeleton in a Colin Kaepernick jersey and afro wig taking a knee among a wall of Nike boxes, along with Nike’s “Believe in Something” ad text.

Add to that two ICE agents keeping guard over dog crates full of skeletal children, and a big inflatable President Trump, though we’re not sure what’s happening to him from this angle.

Oh, and don’t forget #MeToo and Black Lives Matter on the wall as well. All the Kavanaugh rape stuff and Mike Pence gay conversion electrodes must have been indoors or around back.

We’ll admit, we laughed too: the Colin Kaepernick skeleton really sells it.

You know whose Halloween effort really sucked? The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which spelled out VOTE in ghost emoji above a nifty animation of vampire Ted Cruz and some other monstrous GOP candidates. That was time well spent.

We’d have given them all the candy — guess they’ll have to settle for votes.