We saw this tweet Wednesday night from Joel Pollak but hadn’t seen the show and hadn’t been able to find any video to go with it:

It’s pretty obvious that CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been drafted in to refute that Republican talking point that all of those screaming protesters harassing senators ahead of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote and banging on the doors of the Supreme Court during his swearing-in ceremony were an angry mob, not just Democrats exercising their right to protest.

Well, the video’s now available, so you can see for yourself how the GOP is trying to “reframe” peaceful protests as angry mobs.

We’re just going to borrow this from a post earlier today to set the record straight about fear tactics:

See, Sen. Orrin Hatch is hinting at that “m-word” that gives CNN’s Brooke Baldwin the vapors.

No way.

Hey, remember Cuomo’s colleague Don Lemon defending antifa by reminding us that, sure there’s some violence, but “no organization is perfect”

Never let them have a moment’s peace — mob them if you seem them at the gas station or a restaurant. A mob ran Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant … sorry, Democrat protesters ran Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant.