As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, political discourse hit a new low when President Donald Trump gave Stormy Daniels a new nickname — Horseface — in a tweet in which he gloated over a federal judge throwing out her case against him and sticking her with his legal fees.

Of course, the president’s tweet came only a few weeks after Daniels sent “Mario Kart” trending by describing the president’s penis as resembling the mushroom-headed character “Toad” from the Nintendo racing franchise.

So, yeah, the two have a back-and-forth thing going on.

Is it bad that we find it funny that 2020 hopeful and celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti felt compelled to shoot a Twitter video in which he decried Trump’s use of Horseface to describe his client? This is the guy you just lost to in court; maybe sit out for a little bit?

Anyway, the guy who’s guaranteed to be all over cable TV now has his own Twitter show. Is Michael Avenatti the hero we need right now, or the hero we deserve?

He’s got a point — but then again his client fired back by calling Trump “Tiny,” so if Avenatti is going to play grown-up between these two, let him.

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“Have you or someone you know been called a horseface? Call NOW and we’ll get money for you!”


A lot of people not named Avenatti seem to have reached that conclusion already.