In a tweet earlier today commenting on the news that the defamation suit filed against Donald Trump by Stormy Daniels had been dismissed by a federal judge, the president tweeted that the adult-film star he allegedly had consensual sex with is a “horseface”:

And as bad as that was, Daniels fired back questioning the size of the president’s — well, you know — as well as saying he “perhaps” has a “penchant for beastiality” (we assume that’s because the president compared Daniels to a horse):

And somewhat in Trump’s defense, she did start it with the public name calling:

Here’s where we’re at:

And this is perfect:

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman writes that today’s “horseface” jab is directly related to the Daniels book and insults about Trump’s manhood:

Maybe both sides will call a truce?

But we won’t hold our breath: