If we could ask you to recall early Monday morning — back when Sen. Elizabeth Warren was still in spiking-the-football mode over her DNA test results and had not yet descended into a 26-tweet-thread tearing into the president — she reminded President Trump of a little wager between the two and where Trump should send the million-dollar check.

This, of course, is assuming that Warren’s claim to be 1/1024th Native American is actually “proof” of her Native American ancestry, which she apparently thought it was, or she wouldn’t have brought it up.

The best part is she declared victory while posting the front page of the Boston Globe, which had to correct its math — twice.

So is Trump on the hook for $1 million to the charity of Warren’s choice? That seems to be out for debate too. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, citing a story in The Hill, says yes:

Again, a not-insignificant question:

GOP operative Arthur Schwartz (not an impartial party by any means) says no, Trump doesn’t have to pay up, and not even for the reason that Warren is in no way, shape, or form an Indian.

Just for the record, Twitchy wrote this up at the time, at this is how the media relayed it then:

In an ideal world, Trump would still write the check for $1 million and keep it completely silent — but then he’d still be savaged by the press when they eventually found out. “See! He knew he lost the bet and didn’t want to admit it!”

Did they ever shake on it? (Yeah, right.)

Now that’s offensive. We can’t be sure if it was a cut-rate polygraph, because her lawyers, who apparently paid for it without telling her, didn’t share how much it cost.

In his name … definitely make sure it’s in his name.

Oh, and stipulate that part of the donation goes to erecting a big statue of Elizabeth Warren in full Cherokee garb in front of the women’s center, just to rub it in forever.