As Twitchy reported Friday, Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly murdered by Saudi Arabian security officials in late September when he visited a consulate office in Turkey. Amazing if true: some reports say he recorded his own murder on his Apple Watch.

Journalists especially are now putting pressure on President Trump to do something about it, and CNN reports today that he’s invited Khashoggi’s fiancée to the White House, among other things. Here’s the latest:

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof admitted Saturday to “writing while angry,” but he’s just so upset over the Trump administration’s “pathetic” response to Khashoggi’s alleged murder. The president needs to take a hard line with the Saudis.

Kristof had warned Thursday night that he was outraged over the Trump administration’s connections to Saudi Arabia:

Sick burn.

He’s not wrong, either. As the Daily Caller reported on Wednesday, the New York Times “has not canceled its vacation packages to Saudi Arabia, despite reports that a journalist who recently went missing was murdered in a Saudi consulate.”

And it’s not like the New York Times has any qualms about offering tours of the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism either:

These sound like wonderful places to tour with a New York Times editor, but we’re holding onto our $11,000 for the moment until the murders die down.