The latest reporting on Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post contributor allegedly murdered by Saudi Arabian security officials when he visited a consulate office in Turkey, is that he recorded his own murder on his Apple Watch which was synced to his phone outside the building:

These new revelations, if true, do fit nicely with previous reporting on Turkey’s evidence:

Turkey has been pretty adamant about this:

But we’re not yet sure just how the Apple Watch was able to transmit the alleged recording to his phone outside:

Maybe this?

There’s also reporting out there that the U.S. knew in advance that Saudi Arabia was planning to capture Khashoggi, but the U.S. did nothing about it:

President Trump said that he does plan to call Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in the near future to discuss the incident:

But reporters already jumped on Trump for this comment on Saudi Arabia’s human rights record:

To be continued…