As Twitchy reported Wednesday, CNN’s Don Lemon and his panel of guests all had a good laugh at rapper Kanye West, calling him the Trump administration’s “token negro” and saying he’s “what happens when negroes don’t read.”

So we weren’t expecting Don Lemon and crew to have anything positive to say about West’s meeting with the president today, but honestly — we absolutely didn’t predict Lemon calling West’s meeting “a minstrel show.”

Seriously? Kanye West’s blackness has to be called into question because he’s willing to work with the president on issues like prison reform?

Tom Elliott has the video:

Oh, and by the way, Don Lemon speaks for the entire black community now.

He does know that West made an album with frequent Barack Obama White House guest Jay-Z called “Watch the Throne” that sold more than 1.5 million copies? Will Lemon bring on Jay-Z to get the perspective of an “authentic” black rapper?

No way — when you ask the black community to name the most authentic black person they can think of, Don Lemon always comes out on top by a mile.

Kanye West had better get his mind right and maybe join an angry mob — that would be productive.

* * *


We’re hearing reports that CNN has suspended Lemon indefinitely for his racist remarks. OK, not really; instead, CNN decided to tweet them out for everyone to enjoy: