You’ve got to give it to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers — they know how to get their way by threatening delays and setting conditions — even ridiculous ones, such as insisting that Brett Kavanaugh testify first.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has formally asked for copies of the therapist’s note which Dr. Ford had shared with the media in order to bolster her case against Kavanaugh. It’s evidence, after all.

Ford’s lawyers have gotten back to Grassley and conveyed that Ford will be happy to hand over the note to the FBI — when the FBI interviews her. As Twitchy reported Tuesday, her legal team bypassed the Judiciary Committee and contacted the FBI directly about an interview. Ford already gave her sworn testimony, but her legal team seems to think something needs to be added or clarified, apparently.

Here’s the letter:

“Dr. Ford is prepared to provide those documents to the FBI when she is interviewed.” Again, how is her legal team setting all the conditions here when she’s the accuser?

Again, why is Ford’s legal team obstructing the very investigation they insisted on, and why does Ford need to be interviewed after giving her sworn testimony to the same committee that will receive a copy of the FBI’s notes anyway?

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Dana Loesch has added her two cents:

Yep … why are her lawyers so desperate that she tell her story again to the FBI, who are just going to pass their interview notes to the committee anyway? It sounds like she’s desperate to rearrange a few details during Take 2.