As Twitchy reported, a lawyer for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has announced that she will not be ready for Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, as she’s demanding an FBI investigation of her accusations before she’ll testify, and there’s no way the FBI could complete a thorough investigation by then.

Plenty weighed in on that news, but we thought we’d check in with attorney and Twitchy favorite Gabriel Malor, and he’s asking the same questions as the rest of us.

Hmm … it almost sounds like another delay tactic. And wait … there’s another problem, which Ford’s lawyers brought up in a letter to Grassley.

There was even word floating around earlier today that senators were considering having female staffers interview Ford out of sensitivity:

We don’t think that went anywhere, thankfully.

Believe it or not, we want to see justice done here. Still, we can’t excuse Sen. Dianne Feinstein for sitting on this information since July and not bringing up the accusations at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings knowing full well what she knew.



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