We’ve been in awe for quite a while that Ian Millhiser’s actual job title is justice editor at ThinkProgress because his hot takes always seem to ignore, well, the reality of the U.S. justice system. Back in June, for example, he tweeted simply, #AbolishSCOTUS. And in July, he predicted, “If Kavanaugh is confirmed, you can kiss the right to vote goodbye.”

Don’t tell anyone we told you this, but Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and American citizens will still have the right to vote.

Now that Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are official underway, Millhiser is retreating to another position — not the fetal position, but the position that the Electoral College is bogus and the popular vote should decide the election (if it favors a Democrat).

What? The entire country had access to the ballot box back in November 2016 and the voters made their choice. Is it going to get uglier? Yes, we’re afraid so, but only because millions of Hillary acolytes can’t follow her instruction to accept the results of the election.

Why do things like the Electoral College and the nomination process for Supreme Court justices always seem to befuddle ThinkProgress’s justice editor?

Including Hillary Clinton’s campaign, apparently.