As Twitchy has reported, New York Post and Washington Examiner reporter and author Salena Zito has been fighting anonymous Twitter trolls who have accused her of misrepresenting the political affiliations of Trump voters she interviewed.

She first laid out her case in an epic Twitter thread, and on Monday she told her story in The New York Post, along with photos of her notes, transcripts of her interviews, and more.

Zito writes:

The idea that I owed anonymous trolls on Twitter an explanation for the straw-man argument they invented is utterly laughable. But soon enough two things happen. First, they swarm—these brave souls who like to anonymously harass women online prefer to do so in numbers. Second, partisan journalists looking for a scalp join in, which lends it credibility.

Soon the pile-on makes using Twitter miserable.

This is the sad state of American public and political discourse today. This is the state of social media.