As Twitchy reported earlier, one eagle-eyed viewer of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing caught a glimpse of Zina Bash, seated just behind Kavanaugh, flashing the white power hand signal on the air, inspiring countless conspiracy theorists to see if they could rest their hands in that position accidentally.

As we also reported, it looks like journalists Yashar Ali and Jake Tapper are asking people to cut it out, as the rumor could open Bash up to death threats (if she hasn’t received them already).

So of course New Agenda president Amy Siskind decided to help promote the theory to her 305,000 followers and also suggest that it alone should disqualify Kavanaugh from a Supreme Court appointment.

“This alone should be disqualify!!!” LOL.

We hadn’t heard of it either until last year or so, but it looks like this:

See, Barack Obama’s making the letters “W” and “P” with his hand. White power.

Looks like Kavanaugh’s going to cross home plate without a sweat.

* * *