He’s since deleted the tweet, but he shouldn’t have. Fortunately, someone caught a screengrab of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ contribution to the hubbub over Zina Bash reportedly flashing a white power hand sign during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing — a movie still of Eddie Murphy making the same sign.

Pay attention to what ThinkProgress’s Aaron Rupar says in that first tweet: “… a hand gesture … racist dogwhistle … when she did it today.” It’s important later.

Chris Hayes responded.

Um … right up at the top of the thread, when you said today she made the hand gesture in the movie still and she intended it to be a racist dog whistle. Here, we’ll post it again:

So … Rupar is not accusing Bash of making a white power hand gesture? We have questions.

Yeah, careful’s not the word that comes to mind, considering that first tweet.

At least Rupar has company while he walks back that non-accusation.