As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Brian Stelter surprised us by actually calling out several high-profile people on Twitter who were pushing the theory that Zina Bash was throwing white power hand signals during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, because of course she was.

Amy Siskind seems to be hanging on to her theory, challenging people to try to make the white power sign accidentally:

Yeah? And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat in a “booster seat” when he testified before the Senate. If the Senate wanted people in a natural resting position they’d roll in a room full of recliners.

Author and attorney Eva Golinger, who was also called out by Stelter, seemed to walk back her claim a bit, although she still found Bash “rude.”

She has no intention of spreading falsities.

So what was it then? Was she flashing a white power sign or just “making snide faces?” There’s no way Kavanaugh can be confirmed now.

Final word goes to David French:

* * *


Wow, Amy Siskind will not put down the shovel:

So maybe it wasn’t a white power symbol, but “I’m fine calling her a racist” anyway. Can we just move on?