As Twitchy has reported, Twitter is on fire at the moment with liberals passing around either 1) the photo of Brett Kavanaugh snubbing the father of a Parkland shooting victim or 2) some Zapruder-like C-SPAN footage of Zina Bash throwing the white power sign during Kavanaugh’s hearing.

Boy, did her name make the rounds quickly. In fact, we just checked Twitter’s United States trends, and Zina Bash is holding steady at No. 3 with more than 45,000 tweets about her.

Her husband would like a word:

Texas, huh? Sounds racist already, but we’ll hear him out.

Narrator: People did not clearly condemn this idiotic and sickening accusation.

Solid burn. We approve.

Yes, let’s destroy her and her entire family. We’re still not sure why she’d flash a white power sign on TV, though. To own the libs?

What was that about “stupid beyond repair?”