Wow, California, you never fail to surprise us. You literally passed a law making California a sanctuary state, you’ve allowed more than a million illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, and yet U.S. citizens dodging human feces and hypodermic needles on the sidewalk in San Francisco can face a fine for breaking the city’s plastic straw ban.

As Twitchy recently reported, California legislators are trying to tell you what drinks restaurants can serve your kids (unflavored milk or water only), and now they’re trying to mandate that every corporate board have at least one woman, because there’s nothing they won’t legislate there.

CNN reports:

State legislators passed a bill Wednesday that would require publicly-traded companies headquartered in California to place at least one woman on their board by the end of next year — or face a penalty.

Some California-based companies, like Skechers and Tivo, don’t have a single woman on their boards.

Of course this will pass — everything does.

Speaking of a slippery slope and the trans community, the DNC just had to do some creative math when it decided all committees must comprise an equal number of men and women — but what if a member if gender-fluid and doesn’t identify as a man or woman?

No, really, they had to come up with a formula to account for it. “DNC committees that were once required to be divided equally among women and men must now account for members who don’t identify with either gender,” The Hill reported.

We have to ask every time we write about California: how’s that multi-billion-dollar bullet train no one asked for coming along?