We know … the Alex Jones story is so last week, yet it continues if only because Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey came out and explained in a thread that Twitter would not be joining Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Pinterest, et al., in banning Alex Jones and Infowars because Jones hadn’t yet broken any rules. If that was the case, plenty argued, then the rules needed to be changed.

We knew Twitter was in for some sort of boycott, which in a sense had begun at CNN, with a writer and producer monitoring which ads were running on the Infowars YouTube channel, contacting those advertisers, tweeting their handles, and announcing when they’d asked for their ads to be pulled.

Now #GrabYourWallet co-founder Shannon Coulter, who’s been maintaining an online list of companies to boycott because of their association with Donald Trump, has come up with a handy block list of every Fortune 500 company with a Twitter presence.

Boycott collective Sleeping Giants is on board, as are several Resistance celebrities.

Phew — unblocked by Debra Messing! Whatever it takes …

Jim Treacher has another option to put out there:

We agree, but for many, that’s not enough — the Internet needs to be sanitized of his content and his presence. Who’s next after Jones? Someone’s got to be next, and we’ll find out soon enough.

Just so you know, if you ever want to know if you’re supposed to be supporting or boycotting a business, visit grabyourwallet.org and they’ll tell you if the company’s CEO donated to the Trump campaign or “carries assault-style weapons.”