While Parkland activist David Hogg and supporters were protesting in front of the empty NRA headquarters on a Saturday afternoon, the rest of the country was reading about yet another failure in the system that allowed the Parkland school shooter to go free.

That report was quickly followed by the conclusions reached by the commission investigating the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; in short, the gunman had to stop to reload several times, giving anyone with a weapon ample opportunity to have stopped him. The armed deputy in charge of securing the school waited outside while shots rang out, however.

So pro-Second Amendment Parkland activist Kyle Kashuv wasn’t thrilled to see Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel’s face on a list of back-to-school safety tips.

How in the hell did this guy keep his job? Hey CNN, is it time for that follow-up town hall with Israel now that we know the whole story?

Yep … it was the Coral Springs Police Department that actually entered the building to assess the situation and rescue the injured.

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Dana Loesch has decided to offer some #BrowardSherrifTips, but this is our favorite: