Apologies in advance for yet another post on Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she is the future of the Democratic Party according to its chair, Tom Perez, so she’s worth paying attention to.

Twitchy favorite Stephen Miller (aka @redsteeze) found one of Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsements to be possibly problematic, especially after she famously called Israel “the occupiers of Palestine” during that disastrous “Firing Line” interview.


Here are the individual tweets in case they’re difficult to see there:

And step back a few years …

Well, asking Allah to awaken Americans to the evil doings of Israel didn’t stop Omar from becoming a Minnesota state representative, so she’s probably got a lock on a congressional seat as well. Say what you want about Trump, but the Democrat Party is off the rails.

But back to the original question: is posting these two tweets side-by-side catcalling? Or does it show a legitimate concern?

This is the same dude who crashed a woman-only screening of “Wonder Woman” — which shone a spotlight on his “rapist mentality.”