Like we said before, it’s amazing how many Twitter blue-checks have jumped to the defense of The New York Times’ new hire, Sarah Jeong, in spite of her many racist tweets.

Now we have a CUNY professor of history giving us a lecture, but first, let’s figure out where he’s coming from. No, he’s not trying to redefine racism to excuse certain types; instead, he’s taking the same tack as New Yorker food correspondent Helen Rosner — if you’re sharing that picture compiling Jeong’s tweets rather than researching her Twitter timeline yourself, you’re just a sheep who’s been fed some alt-right red meat.

So keep that in mind when trying to determine if Professor Angus Johnston considers you a punk.

Ah, that “good faith conversation” liberals suddenly decided we’re supposed to have.

Um, but what if we research all of those tweets in context and still find them racist? Isn’t there an active campaign on the Left to “de-platform” racists — you know, for the sake of “conversational health”? But now even retweeting that pic is contributing to a hatchet job?

Someone did go through Jeong’s tweets in context for the record: Jeff B., co-host of the (awesome) Political Beats podcast over at NRO.

We don’t think she should lose her job either, but we’ll never be able to read her work without having those racist tweets in the back of our minds … and that’s on her.