VICE is certainly no conservative news outlet, so its claim that Twitter is indeed “shadow banning” top Republicans while leaving Democrats untouched seems even more plausible — but Twitter says it’s just a “side-effect.”

Alex Thompson writes:

Twitter is limiting the visibility of prominent Republicans in search results — a technique known as “shadow banning” — in what it says is a side effect of its attempts to improve the quality of discourse on the platform.

The Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter, VICE News has learned. It’s a shift that diminishes their reach on the platform — and it’s the same one being deployed against prominent racists to limit their visibility. The profiles continue to appear when conducting a full search, but not in the more convenient and visible drop-down bar. (The accounts appear to also populate if you already follow the person.)

Like we said, the news itself is less surprising than the fact that VICE News is the one reporting on it — conservatives have been complaining about shadow banning for quite a while now, while Twitter claims its top priority at the moment is “election integrity.”

Hey look, here’s Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with a “short thread” addressing the problem — if you want to call it a problem, of course.

We believe getting out of the way and allowing people to speak freely is important to creating a healthier Twitter; that’s our feedback.

And here’s the GOP chairwoman:

Here’s competing platform Gab, which called out Twitter before on its “election integrity” nonsense.

Why aren’t we reassured that Twitter’s declared priorities are “conversational health” and “election integrity”?