Wow, there sure are a lot of journalists and academics out in force today trying to demonize anyone offended by those tweets by The New York Times’ new hire; you know, the ones that say “f**k white women” and “#Cancel white people” and “Dumbass f**cking white people.”

It’s funny too, how it seems to be mostly white men like Chris Hayes who are “whitesplaining” how those tweets aren’t actually racist.

Bloomberg’s David S. Joachim decided to throw his hat into the ring and give his fellow white people a quick primer on what’s racist and what’s not, and which words are slurs and which aren’t — it’ll be handy to print out and keep on your desk for the next time you suspect something’s racist.

Can you imagine how much it would have cost for a full college semester to learn exactly that? What a savings!

Geez, white, well-off, college-educated male in a position of power sure gets excited when someone calls him a racist. Just own it, man.