Honestly, we’re split: like we’ve said before, we’d prefer a healthier relationship between the press and the Trump administration …

… but then CNN’s Jim Acosta gets heckled with a chant of “CNN sucks” at a Trump rally and media types like Politico’s Marc Caputo let the mask slip and make really inappropriate comments about Trump’s supporters, like, “If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.”

Was the heckling a little much? Sure, but there’s little we can do to keep the mainstream press from digging their hole even deeper if they won’t put down the shovel.

Did we say heckling? Because that’s all we saw in Acosta’s video. But Eric Trump retweeted it, and now New Agenda president Amy Siskind has reported him to Twitter for “encouraging violence against a journalist.”

Reposting video of a “CNN sucks” chant is encouraging violence against a journalist? No, it’s just encouraging him to suck less.

We’re old enough to remember well before the election when mobs would sucker-punch people coming out of Trump campaign rallies. We also remember the riots following a Trump campaign rally in Albuquerque that caused $10,000 of damage to the convention center, and supporters had to be led out the back under police escort. We also remember when a Vox editor on Twitter encouraged his followers to “start a riot” if Trump campaigned in their town.

We also remember what CNN’s Brian Stelter predicted in October 2016 when everyone assumed Hillary was a lock:

Yeah, who was setting cars on fire? So give us a break with this “encouraging violence” crap.