As Twitchy told you last night, at a Trump rally in Tampa, CNN’s Jim Acosta was greeted by a hostile crowd booing and chanting “CNN sucks!”

That kind of behavior is rude and counterproductive, to be sure. But it’s not hard to see what it stems from. Because this take from Politico’s Marc Caputo is also pretty damn rude and counterproductive:

Pssst! Marc! You’re not helping your cause. Like, at all.

Because Acosta’s and Caputo’s tweets are both depressing. For different reasons.

And the fact that you honestly believe that is why your profession is in such big trouble these days.



Well deserved, we’d say.



Looks like the backlash has gotten to Caputo. He’s apologized for his vicious tweet:

Credit where it’s due: Caputo’s doing something many of his colleagues in the media refuse to do and owning up to his mistake. Hopefully he really will do better going forward.

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