Honestly, we’d like it if things weren’t quite so contentious between President Trump and the press. Now we’re not saying he’s wrong to call out “fake news” when he sees it, and we certainly didn’t enjoy the eight-year tongue bath Barack Obama received from mainstream journalists. But even Fox News backed up CNN when its White House correspondent was banned from a Rose Garden event.

But then someone like NBC News’ Chuck Todd pops up and calls The Daily Caller a “troll farm” that doesn’t deserve to ask questions at a press briefing. Seriously? How sympathetic are we supposed to be that Trump supporters don’t trust you?

There’s never a chance to feel sorry for CNN with Jim Acosta always popping up and doing his grandstanding act. Acosta’s in Tampa to cover a Trump rally Tuesday night, and it looks like the crowd is well aware of who he is and who he works for.

Reporter Emily L. Mahoney caught this footage.

Truth be told, that’s pretty rude. And if CNN could just find a way to suck less, maybe it would die down a little.

That’s a fair and balanced take.

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If you just can’t get enough, here’s another angle of Acosta being jeered: