As Twitchy reported last week, Vox’s David Roberts decided to take a scientific Twitter poll to determine once and for all if white people have a positive or negative effect on America.

We’re not sure what Roberts was expecting, but respondents overwhelmingly agreed that white people have a positive effect on the nation. The best part: a follow-up poll inspired by Roberts’ poll showed that 96 percent of people agree that Vox has a negative effect on America.

We were waiting for Roberts’ “explainer” to show up on the Vox site, and it did a couple of days later, under the headline, “American white people really hate being called ‘white people.'” And as you can guess, it’s a really, really, really long explanation of a stupid poll that shouldn’t have been taken in the first place.

In most situations in the US, a woman is a female person. Someone part of a racial minority is a black person or a Latino person, etc. Gay people. Trans people. Immigrant people. All these groups are [adjective] people, people with an asterisk, while a white, heterosexual male is simply a person, as generic as he chooses. His presence is taken for granted; it rarely occurs to anyone to question it. A white man in khakis and a polo shirt can walk into almost any milieu in the US and, even if he’s greeted with hostility, be taken seriously. His legitimacy is assumed.

Sounds legit — especially the bit presuming that every white man in America wears khakis and a polo shirt to project his white privilege. But what if a gay white male immigrant walked into almost any milieu in the U.S. also wearing khakis and a polo shirt? Is that secret code that would get him free stuff or something?

Vox columnist Will Wilkinson popped up over the weekend to explain how everyone just didn’t get such an obvious point.

So, the fact that people found the poll stupid validates the message? Let’s run with that.

Great counter-argument there … we need to mull over that for a while.

Someone get this guy a book of logical fallacies and make him read it before he tweets again.

To us, it’s just a reminder of Eric Holder’s claim that America is “essentially a nation of cowards” when it comes to openly discussing race, which seems to be all we discuss anymore, and then are “shamed” by Vox for not reaching the “right” conclusion.