To get where this is coming from, PRII last week released the results of a poll asking if increased racial diversity has a positive or negative effect on America. For what it’s worth, they titled the report, “American Democracy in Crisis: The Challenges of Voter Knowledge, Participation, and Polarization.”

Pollster Frank Luntz posted that 64 percent of all Americans agree that racial diversity has a positive impact on America; however, only 43 percent of Republicans said positive, as opposed to 85 percent of Democrats.

That inspired Vox’s David Roberts to wonder why white people had never been the subject of a similar poll.

And what better place to take a scientific poll than Twitter, right?

The suspense is killing us, but we’ll have to wait another seven hours to find out the answer. (When we checked, it was 80 percent positive, 20 percent negative.)

He writes for Vox, so there’s no need for a poll.

So many rich white men — get it away!

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