As Twitchy reported Tuesday, Vox’s David Roberts put up a race-baiting poll to gauge if white people have a positive or negative effect on America. “One thing white people have never experienced,” he tweeted, “is a poll on whether their presence in their own country is intrinsically detrimental.”

Well, the results are in, and a large majority of respondents agreed that whites have a positive effect on the country. We weren’t sure if he was going to write up the results in an “explainer” over at Vox, so we thought we’d post them here.

As we also reported, Twitchy favorite Mujahed put up his own poll in the responses to Roberts’ tweet, and the results are undeniable. Does Vox have a positive or negative effect on America?

As you can see, 96 percent of respondents agreed that Vox has a negative effect on America — the number might have been slightly lower had Roberts not put up that stupid poll of his own.

Nikki Haley cautioned against “owning the libs” online, but we have to admit this poll made us smile. And we’ll still vote for her.

We did find out how Vox managed that 4 percent positive rating.

So much for intellectual curiosity: