As Twitchy has reported, CNN’s prime-time ratings really are in the toilet, coming in below TLC and shows like “Dr. Pimple Popper,” while Fox News remains at No. 1. And CNN’s media guy Brian Stelter isn’t helping matters by watching Fox News instead of his own network like most cable viewers in America.

We’ll leave it up to our readers to decide if Tucker Carlson engages in “extreme rhetoric,” but you’ve got to admit Stelter chose a bad night to accuse him of it.

Look, CNBC’s totally unbiased John Harwood is appalled.

Yeah, you never hear extreme rhetoric from the guests and panelists on CNN. And what a thing to say about the Democrats. Shameful. Right, guys?

We can’t hear you because we’re dead because of net neutrality and the GOP tax cuts. It was Armageddon.

Boy, did Republicans pounce on that remark.

Yeah, but do it on Fox News so people will see it.