What a great guy CNBC’s John Harwood is. He sees a friend in trouble, and he swoops in to rescue the damsel in the distress. In this case, the damsel is the team of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

When Bill Clinton was confronted about Monica Lewinsky in his TODAY Show interview, he got visibly pissy and defensive, taking shots at the media and his interviewer for not understanding that he’s the real victim in all this. And John Harwood seems to sympathize with Clinton’s plight — and, unlike the rest of us rubes, Harwood understands that media’s harsh treatment of the Clintons over the years played a major role in Hillary’s 2016 election defeat:

How does John Harwood look at himself in the mirror without bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter?

And shameless, too! Don’t forget shameless!

He was already there.



‘SO brave!’ CNN host declaring MSM vindicated after Bill Clinton’s interview sends heads crashing to desks