Actor and comedian (that’s what the Entertainment Weekly article calls him anyway) Tom Arnold has been pretty feisty lately, picking fights online with people like Ben Shaprio and Dave Rubin and James Woods, but his unhinged rants haven’t kept him off CNN.

Now Arnold is on the Television Critics Association’s press tour to promote his new Viceland series, “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold,” and he’s still promising big things that we’d assume he would have shown us already if he really feels he’s saving America with them.

Yes, he’s still promising the pee-pee tape, the one allegedly showing Russian prostitutes peeing on a bed in which the Obamas once slept. Entertainment Weekly reports:

… “I’m going to do this until he resides [sic]. He’s a crazy person. He’s putting our country at the precipice of a war — literally right now … There are things that are going on right now that affect our world, that are scary. I’m in a position to do something and it is working. I’m going to continue to do this until that guy resides and the world is a little bit safer.…

Continued Arnold: “You’ll see documentation of the pee-pee tape. By the time you see this [show] you will know for sure there is a pee-pee tape. There is no doubt in your mind. Mark Burnett did a show with Putin before The Apprentice. Maybe Mark Burnett has a pee-pee tape? I’m just gonna throw that out there … [Trump] says ‘it couldn’t be me because I’m a germophobe’ … How many germophobes raw dog that many porn stars?”

When Tom Arnold calls you a crazy person …

The thing is, at this point a “pee-pee tape” would barely register with Trump supporters — his approval would probably go up.


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