As Twitchy reported all day Tuesday, humorless crybabies from The New York Times, The Verge, Vox, and more got their panties in a wad over Allie Beth Stuckey’s fake interview of socialist “it girl” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — and the fact that it went viral only increased the danger of people seeing it and not recognizing in five seconds that it was obviously satire.

Here we are a day later and reporters are still fretting about the damage being done by CRTV’s video (which on Facebook now has an unnecessary disclaimer). Now it’s Nick Reisman of Spectrum News wringing his hands.

Is it wrong that we don’t we believe for a second his concern about “liberal satirists”? And how does this possibly tie in with The New York Daily News?

Journalists obviously don’t think much of the average American citizen to be this concerned.

Whoa, the YouTube description even says, “In this exclusive and totally not-edited conversation with the Trump, Stephen asks the President about his first 100 days in office.” There’s no disclaimer at all! NO DISCLAIMER!

Disclaimer: We weren’t bothered.