We’ve already apologized at least once today for so many posts about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but we’re just gobsmacked that so many in the media — even reporters from The New York Times, with its layers and layers of fact-checkers — are so upset that CRTV’s satirical “interview” with Ocasio-Cortez has garnered so many views on Facebook.

It’s actually a very short story: A conservative outlet posted a comedy video that went viral and mainstream media outlets can’t deal.

But now The Verge, which bills itself as the site which “covers life in the future,” is on it, and apparently, there’s no sense of humor in the future.

What does that even mean? Call it bad satire if you want, but if you’re calling CRTV’s video “fake news,” we’ve got some bad news for you: late-night TV is filled with fake news programs like “The Daily Show” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Adi Robertson reports:

Yesterday, Conservative Review network CRTV posted a video that remixed out-of-context clips of a PBS Firing Line interview with Ocasio-Cortez, alternating them with staged questions from CRTV host Allie Stuckey. In the fake interview, Ocasio-Cortez sheepishly shakes her head when Stuckey asks if she understands anything about politics, and she appears to think Venezuela is in the Middle East. CRTV’s website describes the piece as a “satirical sit-down” with the candidate. But on Facebook, it just said that Stuckey had grilled Ocasio-Cortez about her “socialist agenda and knowledge of government… or lack thereof,” with a winking smile emoji at the end.

Oh no, so people seeing the video on Facebook weren’t warned that it was satire. “The entire system of feed-scrolling on social media encourages people to casually consume media without checking its original context,” warns Robertson. “And no force on Earth, including Facebook, can save us from the clutches of bad comedy.”

OK, now we’re really confused … is the Verge piece meta-satire, or are they being serious?

Here’s a quick public service announcement from @neontaster: