We admit we’ve done plenty of posts on CRTV’s viral “interview” with socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but we continue to be amazed at how many people just can’t wrap their minds around a conservative site producing a political satire video.

CRTV has since added a disclaimer on Facebook, so reporters can hopefully relax a bit and go about their duties knowing no one’s being fooled into thinking Ocasio-Cortez is in no way ready for prime time.

We have to admit it was brave of A.J. Chavar, senior news video producer at Vox, to divulge that it took him even a minute of Googling to prove that CRTV’s video wasn’t an actual interview but a satire. Check out this detective work:

It is reprehensible that a person would even have to use Google to figure out this was a satire. Like we’ve said before, aren’t these the same people who watch “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” religiously?


That’s how he was able to spot the subtle differences in lighting and camera resolution, duh.

One thing’s clear: the Left is ready to circle the wagons to protect Ocasio-Cortez — from herself, if necessary.