Opinions about Donald Trump vary among Twitchy staff, but even Joy Reid on her old blog admitted the guy can be pretty funny when he wants to be. So it’s not surprising that pro journalists have such a difficult time absorbing half of what he says — they think they possess the humor gene because all late-night TV comedy shows lean left, but they can’t help but take everything he says literally.

That’s why it was so pathetic when so many blue-check journalists felt the need to point out that CRTV’s hilarious and obviously satirical interview of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by Allie Beth Stuckey was “fake.” And yet when Alec Baldwin appears on “Saturday Night Live” as Donald Trump, they seem to get that it’s a bit without a disclaimer.

Among those journalists cautioning that CRTV was spreading fake news was The New York Times’ Shane Goldmacher, and he helpfully kept an eye on things and noted that CRTV was eventually compelled to add a disclaimer.

The real question is, did they think it was real, or did they feel the need to flag it because it made socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez look bad?

Good … then we can go watch it again.

We just can’t with this next one …

We’re sure that’ll be Ocasio-Cortez’s first priority after she’s elected: congressional oversight of Facebook posts.

We’re not sure if that last line was satire or not, and that’s scary.


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