As Twitchy told you, CRTV’s Allie Beth Stuckey recently posted an interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Well, Linda Sarsour has got some news for you people:

Fake and doctored? No way! We totally thought it was real.

Yes. It’s embarrassing for Ocasio-Cortez. And for Sarsour, who felt like she needed to point out something that should be totally obvious to anyone.

Speaking of not much better, so-called “journalists” who are supposed to be better at this stuff are apparently just as inept as Sarsour:

If you’re dumb enough to not understand that Stuckey’s intent was satirize Ocasio-Cortez, you deserve to get mocked.

Maybe Linda Sarsour and Ocasio-Cortez’s media defenders are just pissy because in their heart of hearts, even they can’t deny that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a flaming idiot.

Now that’s no joke.

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