There’s a really good chance that you’ve never seen any of writer/actor/producer Mark Duplass’s films (check out “Creep” if you like slow-burn psychological horror), but as Twitchy reported earlier, he took a beating from his “fellow liberal” followers when he suggested they follow Ben Shapiro on Twitter if they were interested in “crossing the aisle” and getting a different perspective.

And then Duplass deleted his tweet and issued an apology to his fellow liberals. And, of course, someone from Vox stepped up to explain why Duplass was right to bend to the will of the angry mob and apologize for his transgression.

The task of assassinating Shapiro’s character fell to Zack Beauchamp, who has no interest in building a Gaza Bridge between liberals and conservatives. Turns out he’s still angry that The New York Times has sullied itself by adding “conservative” columnists to its roster:

You see a similar effect whenever one of the New York Times’ op-ed pages recent hires — I’m thinking of Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens specifically — writes something offensive or poorly thought out. You’re asked to look past the offensive work in question, like Stephens’s pieces denying climate change science, and try to have a reasonable conversation. The problem is that the so-called indiscretions are as characteristic of their work and worldview as their more reasonable sounding output — but pointing that out can be portrayed, by people like [liberal Shapiro defender Eric] Weinstein, as evidence of intolerance, of refusing to listen to the other side.

Dang. As Twitchy reported, Stephens allegedly caused a mass cancelation of subscriptions with his inaugural column, which included the gentle disclaimer, “None of this is to deny climate change or the possible severity of its consequences.” And he’s still paying for it and being accused of “denying climate change science.” Heretic.

We click Vox so you don’t have to. True story.

Yes, we did that on purpose.

Remember when the Left got their panties in a wad because President Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals,” thus denying their dignity, their “spark of divinity”? Well, Duplass called Shapiro “a genuine person” — and that’s unforgivable.