As Twitchy told you, actor-director Mark Duplass kicked a liberal hornet’s nest when he encouraged his fans that they follow Ben Shapiro. The mob ultimately convinced Duplass to not only delete his tweet, but to apologize for even suggesting that Ben Shapiro isn’t evil made flesh:

That’s great, Mark, but before you go patting yourself on the back, Shapiro’s got some bad news for you:

Exactly. Feel better now, Mark?

Not only did Duplass serve up his own scalp on a silver platter, but he effectively cut himself off from another shot at rising above petty partisanship.

But hey, at least Duplass can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that he’s on his way to getting back into the good graces of people like this:

Yeah, Mark. You really “need to be more diligent and careful” not to piss those people off.