Hillary Clinton senior adviser Philippe Reines, not unlike a lot of conservatives, apparently wasn’t happy with President Trump’s joint presser with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland, and he’s really anxious to start a protest across from the White House to keep Trump awake after his flight back.

MoveOn should have already had something set up; we’d be shocked if they didn’t, as they usually have an emergency mob ready to go. Reines has also tagged lefty celebs like John Cusack and celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti to see what they can do to whip up a protest.

We wouldn’t know for sure, but we’re pretty sure Trump’s bedroom (and the rest of the White House) is pretty well soundproofed, but if just making noise (like screaming at the sky on the anniversary of the election) is the goal, they’ve got it covered.

Hey, Cusack retweeted it to his followers; maybe his D.C. fan club will rally?

P.S. Bring your own air horn! Or just bring Michael Avenatti, ’cause he’s quite the blowhard.

Oh, and I guess while he’s at it, he might as well get Chuck and Nancy involved and spur them to “get nasty.”

We’ll try to check in later to see how many people attend this emergency protest.