File this one under: Bad Trump.

Uh, yeah … NO. Russia became a thugocracy all on their own. We didn’t build that. They made that happen. And to put America on the same moral plane as Russia — on an international stage, no less — is pretty disgusting. If that’s supposed to be a show of strength, sorry, Donald, but you’re doing it wrong.

Plenty of conservatives are rightly appalled by the president’s remarks:

Let’s just say if we were Trump, we’d leave this day out of our presidential memoirs.

Well, not totally uncharted …

Trump’s just following in the footsteps of his predecessor. That doesn’t make his behavior remotely morally acceptable, but it does raise a really, really important question: Where’s the intellectual consistency with regard to POTUSes prostrating themselves before tyrants?

Democrats decrying Trump today gave Obama a pass when he let Putin get away with murder (literally, in some cases). And conservatives who criticized Obama for his weak spine should be up in arms today. All conservatives; not just some.

Yep. Intellectual consistency needs to be consistent. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.

No matter what letter you’ve got after your name.