Earlier Tuesday, Twitchy reported on a tweet by NBC News’ White House correspondent Geoff Bennett suggesting that Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed to retire only after President Trump had assured him his pick for a replacement would be Brett Kavanaugh.

NBC Capitol Hill reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell eventually deleted her tweet on the same story, because it incorrectly implied “a transactional nature in Kennedy’s replacement.” Instead, Kennedy had just provided Trump with a list of suggested replacements.

Bennett — eight hours later — finally posted “an important clarification” to his earlier tweet:

That first tweet is closing in on 18,000 retweets; the clarification currently stands at 105 retweets. And a lot of people are in a blind rage over that first tweet …

Relax … it’s not true. Check out the “important clarification.”

“As NBC now confirms.”

If everyone could stop freaking out for just one second …

Almost 18,000 now.

Or, just leave it up and let Debra Messing and Alyssa Milano keep passing it around The Resistance.