Well, that was fast.

Leigh Ann Caldwell of NBC News, who we told you about earlier sent the Left into full freakout mode over a report alleging that there was a deal between Justice Kennedy and the White House/Trump to pick Brett Kavanaugh as his replacement has just deleted her tweet and walked back the initial report.

She tweeted, “I’ve deleted this tweet because it incorrectly implies a transactional nature in Kennedy’s replacement. I am told by a source who was not directly part of the talks that Kennedy provided Pres. Trump/ WH a list of acceptable replacements.”


“Kavanaugh was the only one who was thought conservative enough to consider, I’m told. They added Kavanaugh – and 4 other names – to the public Federalist list that Trump would choose from in November. We are continuing to report this story.”

The story here is that there is no story: