Does President Donald Trump need to be fact-checked? Of course he does; however, who’s keeping an eye on the so-called “fact-checkers?”

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake seems to have discovered President Trump’s greatest trick:

With all credit to Trump, we don’t think he had anything to do with convincing a lot of people that the media’s “fact-checking” was obviously biased.

But yeah, sure, all of those people attending Trump campaign rallies had nothing but faith in the fairness of the media until Trump started calling them out as fake news. Seems to us Trump just tapped into a lot of frustration that had built up over two presidential terms.

In other words, report the facts and move on.

Maybe don’t do half-assed “fact-checks” defending Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she’s of Native American ancestry, for one. Just ask her, flat out. And maybe stop using photos from 2014 to accuse Trump of putting illegal immigrant children in cages.

Yeah, great job, AP. That and your attempt to link Trump’s immigration policies to Anne Frank was another shining example.

And it’s not like they even tried to hide it, as when Christiane Amanpour came out after the 2016 election to remind her fellow journalists that “now more than ever we need to commit to real reporting across a real nation.” Um, what were you doing during the Obama years if you have to recommit to “real reporting”?