Are you kidding with this “fact check” NBC News?

For starters, who said anything about a specific tribe?

So NBC News is OK with “high cheekbones” over a DNA test?

How did this even get online:

It does sound like they’re setting the stage for a negative test not proving anything:

More from NBC News where they actually do a pretty good job here (in these paragraphs, at least) of shooting down the Warren story:


There is no documented proof that Warren is descended from Native Americans.

Warren has not provided any. Genealogists who have investigated her history have found her relatives to be listed as white in historical documents like the Census and do not appear in the Indian documents typically used to verify claims of Native American ancestry, like the Dawes Rolls.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society initially said they had proof that she was 1/32nd Native American, only to later backtrack and say they did not have definitive proof. They declined to comment for this story.

Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes traced Warren’s maternal family back four generations to the turn of the 19th century; the records listed all members as white. She could not find Warren’s family in any of the 45 Indian records and documents she reviewed for a detailed report.

But after that…

This doesn’t mean that Warren is not Native American — some Native Americans were not listed in the Dawes Rolls, for instance, or her ancestors could be from well before those records — but it does mean that there is no evidence that she is, either.

Unbelievable. Under this “fact check,” tens of millions of Americans could be Native American, too.