As Twitchy reported earlier, a teen who was having a snack with friends at a San Antonio restaurant was approached by a stranger who ripped off his MAGA hat and threw a drink in his face. The incident was caught on video.

A few Twitter blue-checks declared the whole thing funny — after all, the red MAGA hat “reads like a swastika” to some. As we noted in the post, Temple University professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill was among those adults who responded with “tears of joy” that the teen was accosted by a stranger for wearing a hat.

No, of course not. Hill tweeted again to explain those emoji.

So it’s not wrong to throw a drink in someone’s face if they’re wearing a MAGA hat — it’s just hard to feel any sympathy for them. Got it. Funny how a CNN commentator throws this take out there the same day CNN’s Oliver Darcy is bitching about Brit Hume expressing his political opinion on Twitter.

Looks like Hill’s doing for MAGA hat sales what David Hogg did for NRA memberships.

So how does the MAGA hat conjure racism, homophobia, and xenophobia, exactly?

God forbid a student with a MAGA hat would ever walk into his classroom …

* * *


Word is that Mr. Tough Guy was fired from his job at a San Antonio bar.