Is it just us, or is it not that often that CNN pays attention to what’s going on in America’s churches? The network is making an exception Tuesday to feature a church in Indianapolis that has put the baby Jesus in a cage to protest President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border.

Besides, you’ve got the Nativity scene in storage from Christmas … might as well drag it out in the summer and get some use out of it.

CNN was certainly impressed, putting two reporters on the story:

The nativity statues at the Christ Church Cathedral are enclosed in a chain link fence lined with barbed wire. It’s meant to resemble an immigration detention center, the church said.

The White House’s “zero-tolerance” prosecution policy has resulted in the detention of families caught crossing illegally at the border.

Members of the church say the journeys of immigrant families are similar to that of the Holy Family.

The Bible says that Mary, Joseph and Jesus were homeless and fled to Egypt. When they needed a place to stay, they were welcomed, said the church’s dean and rector, Steve Carlsen.

“That family is every family who are seeking safety for their children,” he told CNN.

We have to wonder … was the Holy Family seeking asylum and crossed over at a port of entry into Indianapolis, or did they pay someone to smuggle them across the border from Kentucky?

Considering how many progressives feel about religion — just look at how they’re treating the “very Catholic” possible Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett — maybe the fence is to keep them out.

And besides, wasn’t the point that Trump was separating families — directing ICE agents to literally rip nursing babies from their mothers’ breasts?

He’s not wrong.

If they really wanted to be accurate …

Best question of the day:

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Looks like NBC News has picked up the story as well — if only the March for Life could get this much coverage.